Gail Grim

Thyroid Eye Disease Health LEader Gail Grim Gail Grim is a Teacher Librarian in a small midwestern town. She and her husband have raised their three sons and are now enjoying empty-nesting. Gail was suffering from many uncomfortable eye symptoms in 2019. After a host of tests by as many different doctors, she visited a Thyroid Eye Disease specialist, and was diagnosed in early 2020. What followed was years of denial and doctoring the various progressing symptoms. In summer of 2022, she was again referred to the Thyroid Eye Disease specialist in her area, and the diagnosis was, once again, confirmed.

Her diagnosis has prompted her to learn all that she can about Thyroid Eye Disease. She is teaching herself how to care for not only her eyes, but also her emotional side. In doing so, she has learned that advocating, sharing, and speaking about the disease is helping her cope with the many difficult challenges. She is a teacher at heart, with the research skills of a librarian. This combination helps her focus on caring for others by sharing information and experiences.

When Gail is not spending time with the students at school, or advocating for patients with Thyroid Eye Disease, she likes to read, take walks with her husband and dog, visit with family and friends, workout, and play the piano.

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