Double vision journey

Yes, I have it. It's rotational, and it's changing toward becoming vertical. My double vision started in February, I had to drive to work. First, it was driving with one eye closed (or covered). Then, it was with the prism. Now it's with both eyes open and no glasses. It's funny: I'm driving looking down the road and keeping the lane straight. At the same time, there is another road running toward me from above as if some motion picture is rolling. I'm getting used to it. Now, I'm thinking about driving 600 miles to visit my children in another state. I have to do that only during the daylight because TED won't allow me driving at night.

My symptoms

My left eye is directed a little down, and my right eye is looking slightly upward. Both eyes are slightly bulged and swollen. but I can do nothing about that. I use my prism (Fresnel sticker) when I mow my lawn or trim the grass around the house. I close my right eye when I use a jigsaw or drive screws. I watch TV with my prism while tilting my head upward.

Not giving up

It's a nasty disease, but I'm not giving in. I don't care how my eyes look. TED wants to change me, but I'm a stubborn guy from the Black Sea coast...

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