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Last updated: July 2023

It took over a year and several medical professionals (including an Ophthalmologist & Osteopath) to finally get a blood draw, via a Dermatologist, to identify the problem.

My journey

My eyes were moving strangely around my head and my husband thought I was giving him dirty looks. My personality changed for the worse, a nervous wreck with mood swings and no patience. No one knew and no one understood what I was going through. I have many sunglasses, tinted reading glasses, etc. People often give me looks like they think I'm a drama queen with the shades even on dark dreary days. My face has changed and made me close to a recluse. Bulging, painful, itchy eyes and a grimace aren't attractive.


Appointment with a specialist (again) in March and considering surgery, because my eyes are getting worse and so is my freedom to be independent. Had my Graves Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease been identified sooner, the Occular Reconstructive Surgeon may have been able to help without extreme measures. That's what he told me.

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