Life after Tepezza

I was diagnosed with TED in 2020. What a nightmare... my eye doc, actually I went to 2, told me I had dry eye and my right eye was starting to bulge by then.

A diagnosis

Finally, I got diagnosed and was referred to an osteoplastic doctor. I qualified for the Tepezza infusions and the 8 month treatments reduced my eye bulging by 60%.
My osteoplastic doctor did surgery to my eyelid so it would match my normal eye... we are still tweeking that to get a balance.

Trying to feel normal again

I just want to find a makeup artist that can help me get the balance I need to make me look normal again...
But my hair fell out from the infusions and it is still not growing back like before... I'm wearing a wiglet ... no hair has returned to my underarms or legs... I don't mind that but I'm so self-conscious.
TED has changed my life...thank goodness there is a forum I can go to where others deal with the same issues me.

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