Not Alone

I just read this story and did think about how I didn't realize that bumping into things, etc. was just a part of it. I so had difficulty going through the double door at church Sunday.

My fear

My biggest fear is problems with my eyes or losing my eyesight. Even not being able to read, keep my eyes open without pain. For me, it is scary because I am an artist. I so fear losing that. I recently got rid of a doctor who refused to adjust my thyroid meds for 6 months. I could not go outside or ride in a car because of the sensitivity to bright light. My eyes would just burn all day. It was really disabling as well. I sometimes think it will take another 6 months to recover. My eyes were just one thing in many areas of my health that didn't come close to functioning properly. I was too weak to even scroll through my cell phone.

Finding support

So glad I just read this article. It helps when you don't feel alone and know others know exactly what's happening to you. I am now on prescription eye drops that make my eyes make its own tears. Sorta wonder if the always dark circles are some how related. Can't go out without cover stick under my eyes. Thanks so much for this group.

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