TED hints (what worked for me)

My journey began with itching in my eyes, shooting pains & dryness not helped with drops.Tried to get a MD appointment but this was mid pandemic and was told that dry itchy eyes was probably allergies and not an emergency.

Trying to get an appointment

Easter came & the pictures clearly showed bulging eyes. I was devastated! I called again for an appointment telling them I had TED symptoms. The clerk laughed & said only a doctor can diagnose that. I begged for an appointment, with no results (he no longer works there)I remembered that my hubby once had an emergency & had the cell #. I called MD directly and got an immediate appointment.

My treatment journey

I was referred to a TED specialist & put on Tepezza. There were no immediate results, but after a year I noticed change. It was slow but progressive. I still have problems and will require surgery eventually but the bulge is no longer prominent. I notice it, but most don’t. Sunglasses were my salvation. The specialist blocked my tear ducts which brought immediate dry eye relief. I also found that when you have pictures taken, smile big & squint. My bulging eyes are no longer noticeable in pictures.

TED's affect and my advice

In general, my hyperthyroidism, especially TED, has tried to destroy my life. I lost my eyebrows, and my hair is extremely thin. My fingernails turned to jello, and my skin feels like bugs crawling up & down daily. My eyes were the most affected. But I am blessed, this has not damaged my heart & the meds relieve my symptoms most of the time. I feel I now have a handle on this. It took more than 2 years, but the effort was well worth it.
My advice, stay the course! Get a great MD that specialize in TED,
This is not a sprint, but a marathon.

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