What’s in my bag?

“Why carry such a big purse?” My friend asked me one day. “Well," I replied “I really may need it.” She looked quite perplexed.

You never know what you're going to need

This has become a daily necessity ever since being diagnosed with TED. If you’ve been diagnosed, you get me. You understand that no two days present the same needs. On any given day, I may need what’s in my purse. So, what do I consider necessities?

Here are some suggestions:

    1. Eye drops- my eyes often are dry and red.
    2. Eye patch- sometimes I have one eye that causes double vision.
    3. 2 pairs of sunglasses. I always need at least one pair, often need two
    4. Visor or hat- light sensitivity
    5. Eye cover- I often have to cover and rest both eyes.
    6. Medicine for the eye pain
    7. Motion sickness band- I often get double vision which can give me a headache or motion sickness
    8. Reading glasses
    9. Phone to shine the light on menus when lighting is low
    10. Lipstick/ lip balm. My lips often get dry from medication
    11. Leg cramp cream
    12. Water to drink
    13. Dry mouth lozenges.

No one plans to have issues but I hate not being prepared. I hate to be miserable. I hope this is helpful.
So, what do you carry?

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