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balance and depth perception

I have balance and depth perception issues. In reading posts I do not hear of other folks with these same issues.
Please comment.

  1. I struggled with balance and depth perception too. For a long time I did not equate it to my thyroid eye disease but at some point I realized it was because of the visual changes and the eyes being out of alignment. I can't even tell you how many times I have bumped into the walls walking down the hallway in my own home! The time with double vision did not help either. I wish you all the best. Roxann K. Moderator

    1. hi, I’m new here, I was diagnosed a week ago with TED. I’ve been walking into a door (in my own bathroom!) daily for the last week! I thought maybe it’s because I’m overwhelmed/distraction, but I said to my boyfriend this morning that o do feel like my spatial awareness is off. This is all making more sense now!

    2. , you're definitely not alone in having difficulty with depth perception and spatial awareness! One of our other health leaders wrote about her experience here: All the best, Sam S. (TED Team).

  2. Ere you able to correct his condition with surgery?

    1. My experience is that my TED specialist waited until my thyroid eye disease had gone into the inactive phase to do surgery. He explained that to do surgery while in the active phase and my eyes were still changing would defeat the purpose. Once my eyes settled, my doctor did surgery to correct the damage that remained. He also explained that the only time he'd do surgery while still in the active phase is if my vision was at risk because of too much pressure on the optic nerve. I hope this answers your question. Roxann K. Moderator

  3. I am in the inactive stage.Did your surgery include re-aligning your eyes?

    1. , I'll let speak to her specific experience but here is an article we have on the surgery that might be helpful to you! All the best, Sam S (TED team).

  4. Thank you.

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