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  1. So in having TED I have this corneal… sore, Dr called it an eye ulcer. At 1 point in time prior to getting Tepezza treatment it was blood red, painful and was the worst for me. After having Tepezza it’s much better but, it’s still a bit of an issue for me. Not near as blood red, or painful but it’s still noticeable. What if anything can be done about this? Will it ever get better and/or resolve itself? I go through a LOT of eye drops too. Ty!

    1. I saw him yesterday, he did an exam and said really I’m doing good post Tepezza. I told him about the ulcer spot… he didn’t seem concerned or really say much about it as I think he feels the same as it may always be somewhat of an issue for me. Can I live with it the way it is? Yes, but I’d sure hope it gets better in time. I have ALSO heard…. That a maintenance dose TEPEZZA is a very real down the road. Something as simple as maybe a pill or possibly an injection that can be done at home. I’m all in for this and so is my TED Dr! This is to help keep it at bay so to speak, as is done with so many other autoimmune diseases. Keep your fingers crossed 🤞!

    2. , I'm glad to hear you were able to chat with your doctor about this and I am sending positive vibes that it gets better with time too! I hadn't heard that yet, but will definitely be looking into that Tepezza update, thank you for sharing! Best, Sam S. (TED Team).

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