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Interviewing My Mom, My Support Person

When we think about a diagnosis, we think about the patient first. It is only natural since they are the ones directly dealing with the disease. Then there are those who are indirectly dealing with this disease. The people around the patient are going through the journey too. Figuring out the best way to support the person with this disease takes time and a lot of patience.

My mom, Paula, was by my side throughout my journey with thyroid eye disease (TED). She was my support person. I asked her a couple of questions about her perspective and experience with my diagnosis. My questions and her responses are below.

Interviewing my support person: My mom

How did you feel when I was diagnosed with TED?

At first, I was a bit relieved because I was afraid you had a brain tumor or something worse than TED. And then, of course, I was a bit overwhelmed because of all we did not know about it. I guess the major emotion was a concern. And then realizing how long it would take to resolve was a bit depressing. But, then I figured we would just make our way through it - which we did!

What were some ways you helped me with TED?

Mostly, I just tried to support you and be there for you. I tried not to let you get too down about it. I drove you places when you could not drive. I tried to be there as a sounding board. I tried to stay positive for you. I researched on the internet about TED so I could educate myself to try to help you in any way I could.

How did you see me change after being diagnosed with TED?

I would say you withdrew after being diagnosed - which is understandable. I think you obsessed a bit about it - again, very understandable. You were emotional - but that isn't unusual for you. And again - understandable. But I think you had more patience about it all than me!

Why was it important to you to go with me to my TED doctor appointments?

First, I wanted to be there to support you. And second, it's always good to have a second set of ears when dealing with serious health issues. You had a very good eye doctor and he was always very patient with you and answered all your questions and any questions I had as well. With a disease we were not familiar with, it is a good idea to have someone with you. You might have missed something he said, or maybe I could have missed or misheard info as well.

You were the one who suggested I try meditation to help me deal with the symptoms of TED. Why did you suggest I try it? And how did you think it helped me?

I think meditation is helpful for anyone and everyone, regardless of what is going on in their lives. But, when something traumatic is happening, it is even more important. Meditation can calm your mind and body.  When you can focus on your breath or calming/soothing sounds, it makes everything else going on more tolerable.

Who is your thyroid eye disease support person?

Who supports you in your thyroid eye disease journey? What do they do to show their support? Share your appreciation for them, or share how they best support you by clicking the button below to share your story with the community.

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