A person is shrugging comparing two different things in their hands.

Thyroid Eye Disease Edition: This OR That?

Every person is different, and each may prefer certain things over others. So, let's find out what you prefer! Let's play This or That?

This or That

I prefer

Seasonal differences in temperature, hobbies or activities, and occasions to gather with others could impact whether someone prefers one season over the other.

This or That

I prefer wearing

Your eyes may be sensitive to light if you have thyroid eye disease (TED), so you may want to shield your eyes from the sun or fluorescent lighting.

This or That

On most days I feel my best

You may have an easier time managing TED symptoms or have different levels of energy depending on the time of day.

This or That

I am a

This community is for people who have TED, their loved ones, and their caregivers. Regardless of your relationship with TED, you are welcome here.

This or That

I feel most comfortable seeking support

Some people prefer in-person appointments or support groups. Others may not be comfortable with either. There are many reasons for these preferences, and we would be interested to hear more about them in the comments.

This or That

I feel most comfortable seeking support from

It's important to seek medical advice from your healthcare professionals. Sometimes the connections with these professionals help to support the emotional journey that comes with a TED diagnosis. However, sometimes we need support from our loved ones, such as family or friends, or a support group of people who understand what you are going through. All of these supports can be very helpful.

This or That

When something is bothering me I tend to

Everyone handles their feelings and emotions differently. Some people need time alone to think and process, while others want to talk it out. Some people do both!

This or That

I prefer to

If you prefer to share your own experiences with TED, we have the space for you to do so here. If you prefer to read about other people's experiences with TED, we invite you to read any of our advocates' articles as they share their TED stories with the community!

Thank you for playing This or That with us and teaching us more about our community's preferences!

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