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Watery Eyes? Tips for Managing Makeup with Thyroid Eye Disease

Throughout my journey with thyroid eye disease (TED), makeup has been a very important tool for me. Like many people with TED, I could not recognize myself in the mirror and my body felt completely out of control. But doing my makeup was really meaningful to me because it helped me feel more comfortable and more like myself.

My experience managing makeup and TED symptoms

However, wearing makeup was often challenging because one of my symptoms during the active phase was incredibly watery eyes, and my tears inevitably destroyed my very carefully placed makeup. Eventually, I was able to come up with some tricks and a bit of a routine that helped. 

I know that not everyone is able to wear makeup with thyroid eye disease, and certain products can be irritating for the eyes depending on the person. I encourage you to do what works for you, but I wanted to share some practical tips that worked for me in case it might be helpful for others out there.

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