I hate the way I look now

Ive been diagnosed with Graves’ disease and thyroid eye disease almost a year back. My eyes have changed. I simply hate the way I look now. I hate the way I feel now.

The emotional toll of TED

Nobody understands what I'm going through mentally and physically. TED has affected my more mentally than physically. I go through a roller coaster of emotions every single day. I don't like to dress up now. I know how I move around socially. I'm tired of everyone telling me that it will be okay, everything will be okay.

Better but not back to normal

A year has passed, and my eyes are better but not how they used to be. Even the doctors here are not willing to help me. No doctor is willing to address my cosmetic issues. I hate it when the doctors tell me I look fine. I'm drained emotionally and physically. I cry a lot and think, will I ever recover from thyroid eye disease? Has anyone suffering from TED recovered without surgeries??

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