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Why is it so much harder to drive at night than day even with my glasses? And will i ever get over my light sensitivity?

  1. , those are excellent questions! While we can't offer any medical advice, I do know that many in our community have shared their ability to drive has been affected by their TED. As for the light sensitivity, they have also shared that it does get better but here is an article on it you might find helpful: I would also recommend speaking with your doctor about these questions at your next appointment! Hopefully they can walk through your symptoms with you and explain what can be done to help alleviate them. All the best, Sam S. ( team member)

    1. I know what you're talking about with the night driving. While in the active phase, I felt like a terrible driver and especially at night. The street lights and headlights seemed to blind me worse than the sun did. Also, I couldn't wear sunglasses at night so my eyes were not protected from the lights. There were times I had to refrain from driving and probably times when I should not have been driving at night. I hope things are getting better for you. Roxann K. Moderator

      1. Thanks Roxann
        The Doctor says im out of the active phase now for 5 months butt i really cannot tell at all. Surgery in sept. Cause its the 1st open appt. I can get so im hoping that this will all be just a bad nightmare by october and never have to think, talk or deal with this again. I think i would rather die than go through this another year. Its been just awful. Im ready to be me again, even if im not.

        1. Roxann K.

          1. I understand completely how desperate we are to just feel like ourselves again. For many of us, TED can mess with our physical well being as well as our mental health. I also remember thinking that I just want to feel normal again and not have my eyes dictate my days. I wish you all the best with your surgery and hope to hear you are feeling more like YOU again. Roxann K. Moderator

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