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Eye exercises

I am wondering g if anyone had success with eye exercises? Or what did you do to get yourself from the active ti inactive stage?

  1. Hi I am confident if anyone has tried any eye exercises and had any success that they will jump in this thread. In the meantime, as for getting from the active stage to inactive stage here is an article that you may find helpful on what treatments are offered: All the best, Sam S. (TED Team).

    1. Hi Kelly, I’m not familiar with eye exercises, but I also didn’t experience limited range of motion. Just wanted to jump in with my perspective as someone who is very proactive about treatment - I wish there was something I could have done to get to the inactive stage sooner or stop the active phase completely. So much was outside of my control, and it was incredibly frustrating. There are different treatment options during different stages. Has your doctor set up a treatment plan? Here’s more information about the active/inactive phase in case it’s helpful. Wishing you a peaceful day, Jessica H ( team member)

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