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Impact on Daily Routine

What changes or adaptations have you made to your daily routine because of TED?

  1. I was let go from my last job due to my TED. I was making mistakes typing and when I went to proofread, the letters M and N looked alike. I was able to collect unemployment which has run out. I have applied for Disability and and appealing.

    1. The one doctor I was waiting on finally sent in the letter and questionnaire. Its been a nightmare. Thanks!

    2. so frustrating! Hopefully you see some progress soon. Please check back in and let us know! All the best, Sam S. (TED Team).

  2. I've been waiting for one doctor to submit his letter and questionnaire. Social Security denied me at first saying that I can still work. I have other physical limitations that doesn't make working any easier.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you also have other limitations with that you’re navigating. Hoping your doctor’s input will help you get the answers you need. Please feel free to keep us posted. Wishing you a peaceful day, Jessica H ( team member)

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