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Has anyone tried surgery interventions to realign eyes?

  1. Hi, you’re referring to strabismus surgery? That’s not one I had (I had orbital decompression and lid surgeries), but I hope you can connect with someone else in the community. Wishing you a peaceful day, Jessica H (, team member)

    1. Thank you for responding.Hopefully I will connect with a person who has experienced my condition. Mark

    2. I just wanted to clarify for others reading this thread, as well - I also have TED, and the surgeries I mentioned were performed to treat my specific symptoms. Not everyone with this condition has the same symptoms. But again, hoping that you’ll be able to connect with someone else who had that surgery. Wishing you the best, Jessica H (, team member)

  2. So far no success

    1. My heart goes out to you, that sounds so tough to go through. Have you found anything that helps you bring any relief? Sending gentle hugs and positive vibes your way! -Beth (Team Member)

    2. Hi dear, did you consult any doctor who is specialized in it?

  3. not yet

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