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Bringing Awareness to Thyroid Eye Disease: Our Inaugural TED Awareness Week 2022

The third week of November is Thyroid Eye Disease Awareness Week! From double vision to dry and painful eyes to uncomfortable eye bulging, we know how difficult it can be to live with thyroid eye disease (TED).

Bringing awareness to TED

We also know that with TED being a rare disease means getting diagnosed, finding a doctor who can treat you, finding a treatment that actually works for you, and even finding people who know what your condition is, can be a struggle. This is why for our inaugural TED Awareness Week 2022, our theme is Bringing Awareness to Thyroid Eye Disease.

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We want you to know that even though living with a rare disease like TED can feel lonely, you are not alone! Together we can bring more awareness to what it is like to live with thyroid eye disease.

Below are tools for connecting and making the most of Thyroid Eye Disease Awareness Week.

Share your story

Whether you are living with TED or caring for a loved one who has it, your story is worth sharing. Spread awareness and make an impact on the TED community by sharing your story.

What does more awareness of TED mean to you?

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