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Self-Care and Comfort Items for People With Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid eye disease (TED) can affect people through physical symptoms, like eye pain, swelling, and eyelid retraction, as well as mental and emotional symptoms. It is important for all people to take care of themselves mentally and physically with self-care routines. We think this is especially important for people living with TED.

We wanted to get recommendations for self-care routines and comfort items that people in the TED community may want to try. So, we asked our patient leader team, "Do you have any self-care routines or comfort items that help you deal with TED?" Here's what they had to say!

Jessica shared her most useful self-care technique:

"Makeup was my most useful tool in helping me feel more like myself. I’ve always been fascinated by how shadow and color can manipulate shapes. I worked on techniques that helped make the lid retraction and forward placement of my eyes look less alarming.

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Now that I’m on the other side of orbital decompression and lid surgeries, I’m getting used to my new normal. I don’t look exactly the same as I did pre-diagnosis, but things are definitely a lot better than they were in the midst of active symptoms.

I’m using makeup differently now – after years of doing the same technique over and over again, I’m enjoying playing with color, shading, and even sparkle. It’s been an important tool in getting acquainted with the new me, rebuilding confidence, and exploring how I want to express myself post-surgery."

These comfort items helped Kelly with TED:

"Meditation was a big game-changer in my life. With the Calm app, I learned how to control my anxiety around what I was experiencing with TED.

I was recommended Herbal Animal Eye Pillows. It’s like a weighted blanket for your eyes. I bought Peter Panda because it had lavender, which is good for calming the body. I’ve had it for 2 years now, and I still love it. I usually lie down and put it over my eyes for 10 minutes when I’m meditating. I also use it when my eyes are irritated or I need a break from light.

Another thing I found very helpful was eye cream with a cooling metal tip applicator. It feels really good under the eyes and makes me look more alive."

What about you?

Do you have comfort items that you use to help ease the physical or emotional impacts of TED? Maybe eye drops, an app, a pillow, or a sleep mask? Are there routines you use as a form of self-care? This could be a few minutes of alone time, wearing makeup that makes you happy, spending time with friends or family, working out, and so much more!

We want to know what works best for you. Share your recommended routines and comfort items with other community members by clicking the button below.

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