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A woman on a couch talking to her friend. Her body language shows something is not a big deal, but a second version of herself is also on the couch and looks very tired.

New Adventures

Starting a new adventure is always the best. It is exciting and fun. On the other hand, it can also be extremely terrifying and nerve-racking. New beginnings are a mix of emotions. I have started some new adventures recently and many times that involves meeting new people and eventually becoming friends with those people. It’s great!

Sharing information about thyroid eye disease with new friends

Eventually, though, I usually have to have “the talk” with them. Meaning, I eventually have to talk to them about my thyroid eye disease (TED) and thyroid disease. It is almost like that elephant in the room. It’s weird not to have someone you consider a friend, or someone you are getting close with, know about you, especially those that you are becoming close with. I think about it this way. If I was the other person and they never confided in me about what they have going on, I might be a little hurt and think maybe they don’t trust me.

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Recently, I was talking with someone, and I found myself completely downplaying everything. I said that my conditions are not a big deal and it’s just something that I have to monitor. So, why did I downplay it? Why did I make it seem like it’s not a big deal when really, any disease, that anyone has, is?

Unpacking the why

Was I embarrassed? Maybe. Was I not wanting to explain it in depth because I am tired of explaining it to everyone? I think so. I think I am a little tired of explaining everything over and over again so I just kind of gloss over it, which isn’t exactly the right thing to do.

I think sometimes I get mad at my body for not working properly and having to constantly monitor everything. It can be exhausting! Sometimes I feel like my own body betrayed me, which is definitely not the right mindset for me to have. Sometimes you just cannot help what is going on with you and all you can do is support your body in any way you can. For me, that is accepting the fact that I have a thyroid disease and TED, and realizing that I am doing everything I can.

I find that I am really hard on myself, but I have to learn to not be. I think it’s really important to not gloss over a disease you have. Acknowledging is important because I feel like the more I am aware and acknowledge that I have a thyroid disease and TED, the more I will be willing to talk about it and also show support and compassion to others going through anything. Bringing awareness and showing support is so important.

The benefits to telling new friends about TED

I think that is also great when you are able to fully open up to someone about every aspect of your life. It almost feels like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders. You don’t feel like you have to hide anything and you can openly talk about your emotions. I think I would always assume that people I am close with don’t want to hear about it or don’t care, but I’ve learned that many times that’s far from the truth and that you should let people be there for you if they want to be!

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