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How Old Were You When Diagnosed With Thyroid Eye Disease?

Curious, how old were you when you were originally diagnosed?

  1. 67

    1. , I appreciate you sharing with us! What were some of the symptoms that lead to your TED diagnosis? All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

    2. 56

  2. I was 56.

    1. thanks for sharing! We know getting a TED diagnosis can sometimes take a while, how long were you experiencing symptoms before you were diagnosed? All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

  3. I was 23 when I was originally diagnosed, however I believe my symptoms were misdiagnosed for years beforehand. I'm curious, how many other members have had "migraines" for years before their TEd diagnosis? I've had migraine headaches my whole life, but always said my TED headaches felt different. It took a great team of physicians to believe that!

    1. ugh those symptoms are so tough to deal with. How are you feeling now? Have you been able to find any treatments or remedies to help make them less severe? All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

    2. I’m so sorry to hear this. I was fortunate to have never had a thyroid storm, but I can only imagine how scary it is. May I ask how you are doing now? All the best, Jessica H (, team member)

  4. 53 but I refused to believe it until I was forced to return to the same doctor as symptoms had only progressed…. This was recently at the age of 56.

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