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In order to stay up to date on latest treatments, drug discovery, clinical studies and how to cope with thyroid eye disease every day, brings you frequent articles, points of view and advice from leading patient advocates and experts.

Current advocates

Jessica Hanson

Jessica is an NYC-based actor, singer, yoga teacher, fitness instructor, social media manager, blogger, autoimmune disease advocate, and cat lover. Jessica was diagnosed with celiac disease over ten years ago after experiencing unexplained symptoms for about six years. She’s been strictly gluten-free ever since and runs the blog Tasty Meditation. Read more.

Jillian Siegel

Jill is a radio on-air personality in the Hudson Valley. A few years after she graduated college, in her early 20s, her doctor diagnosed her with Graves’ Disease. Following the diagnosis, she dealt with weight loss, bulging eyes, major anxiety, and was put on beta-blockers. Read more.

Kelly Severseike

Kelly Severseike is a writer, poet, and blogger. She’s had poems published in several different publications, including the Global Poemics and The American Institute for Stuttering. Read more.

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